Emma Howell

Private Reserve: An Exclusive Collection For Subscribers & Collectors

Emma Howell
21 November, 2020

From Friday 1st January 2021, I will be launching a Private Reserve collection, comprised of original paintings and drawings kept private from the public. (Similar to how vineyards keep aside a private reserve of their aged wine).

The artworks within the Private Reserve will be a combination of new works, old works, one-offs, new medium experiments, pieces I initially created for our home here in Gloucestershire, works that don’t belong to a cohesive body of work (e.g. four year wild fire or Raw Honey) and works that will generally warrant a higher price tag. The Private Reserve will be updated sporadically throughout the year and will only be accessible (to view and purchase) with a password exclusively shared with my collectors and subscribers.

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I’m very much looking forward to releasing the first pieces of the Private Reserve in the new year. Stay tuned.