Emma Howell

Raw Honey Part II

(2021) Raw Honey Part II is a vulnerable, reflective and adventurous collection of 29 original paintings. This new body of work acts as a sequel to Raw Honey – an almost sell-out collection that launched in November 2019. The works dig deep and reveal a variety of perceptions, places and memories that have been translated onto smooth hot pressed paper. The experiences range from an off-road jeep ride to Balos Lagoon and a tearful conversation about Dad’s favourite music.. to an elderly couple selling olives on the side of the road and painfully brushing sea salt out of my hair.

The Raw Honey Duology is most importantly a celebration of my Dad’s life and a proclamation that something sweet can come out of trauma. They say raw honey heals wounds.

N.B. Every order for pieces from Raw Honey Part II will also receive a free charcoal vacation sketch.

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