Emma Howell

Soul Testaments: The Chair Collection

Emma Howell
30 June, 2024

Soul Testaments: The Chair Collection” is a series of 15 individual paintings, each featuring a solitary chair set against a variety of environments.

Each chair stands as a testament to what it is to be human, capturing moments of quiet introspection and the silent stories of those who once occupied them (or who will occupy them). A chair that sits alone can be seen as a silent witness to the passage of time, a sanctuary from life’s chaos, a marker of personal space and individuality, or an image of waiting, hoping, and enduring.

Soul Testaments” invites the viewer to see beyond the surface, encouraging a deeper reflection on the essence of human existence. The empty chairs may signify loss or absence, yet they also offer a sense of resilience and permanence amidst changing surroundings. They stand as symbols of endurance, capturing the quiet strength found in moments of stillness and the profound stories that emerge from silence.

This collection is not just a visual journey but an emotional one, inviting each viewer to find their own connection with the solitary chairs and to ponder the subtle yet powerful narratives they convey. Through this body of work, we are reminded of the enduring nature of the human spirit, the personal spaces we create, and the unspoken testament of our lives etched into the simple form of a chair.