Emma Howell


Emma Howell
30 April, 2013

My name is Emma, and I’m a Fine Art student at the University of Gloucestershire. I’ve pretty much just finished my first year and I’ve decided to set up a blog in order to show some of my work and track my development. It’s been extremely difficult for me to be able to discover a ‘niche style’ in regards to Fine Art because prior to starting the course, the ‘scientific’ side of my brain made me attend (then drop out of..) two other Universities studying two very different and unrelated subjects (Psychology and Forensics). So, as you can probably guess.. I’m a very indecisive person, which causes a lot of inconvenience at times.. (e.g. trying to decide which chocolate to buy in the supermarket.. which is cheaper, which has lower calories, which contains less sugar etc..)- epic faff. From that, you can also probably guess that I’m health conscious.. Yes, I’m an obsessive calorie counter and gym goer.. and what?

Anyway, this year I’ve created a variety of things.. (mostly paintings and drawings) and thanks to the tutors/lecturers here, I’m actually learning quite a bit about different mediums/techniques/styles and most importantly learning how to find my own unique style.. (I’m not quite there yet.. that’s very much IN PROGRESS.) Let’s see how things change in the three years.


Below are a few paintings I’ve made this year. First two are acrylic paint on canvas and the second two are ink on canvas. I’ve focused a lot on people and cities.