Emma Howell

Approaching Second Year.

Emma Howell
11 July, 2013

So.. I’m bad at writing blogs. I always plan to write loads of posts and get really excited about it.. but everytime I open up the ‘New Post’ page I stare blankly at the screen and end up on Facebook. From today onwards I will try to be a good blogger. I need to be more open-minded about things and allow myself to be inspired by everything around me enabling me to write more interesting and regular blog posts.

Anyway, as I have now finished my first year of Fine Art (with quite pleasing grades), I now need to focus on what things I’d like to do for my Second Year project. I’m assuming it will pretty much be all in my hands in regards to the topic I will be focusing on.. So I have a lot of thinking and planning to do. My first instincts were to create a spider diagram and brainstorm all my instant ideas.. I wrote down things like skies, politics, society, music, personality, culture.. to name a few.. but nothing really stood out to me. It really got me thinking that I’m writing down things that I’m not particularly passionate about.. I was writing down very general areas of life than perhaps other people cared more about.. so I asked myself.. What do I like? What do I care about? What am I interested in? And to be perfectly honest (besides the obvious- my boyfriend, friends, family..), the two things that drive me at this moment in my life.. is  my health and my desire to travel. Those two things are what make me content and excited for the future. So, perhaps I could focus on one of those or even find a way to merge the two together?

I want this project to define me and to show others what makes me who I am and how I intend to make the most of everything I can. I want to try and transfer my interests, my opinions, my flaws and my thoughts into a body of artwork, which can show others what epitomises me.


But hey, due to my indecisiveness, everything I have just written may be disregarded completely and I might end up painting something ludicrous, like dragons. You never know. That’s what makes Fine Art so exciting.


Those are my thoughts for now.