Emma Howell


(2018) In August 2018, these 10 works on paper were showcased in my first solo exhibition, Homegrown. The show revealed an honest collection of painted adventures that epitomised the 18 months of seeking and healing following my Dad’s passing. These works, along with The How Series, gave evidence of a new relationship I had built – with life and everything it has to offer: colour, sound, texture, opportunity and adventure.

Within each work, a sudden corkscrewed mark could be a sudden gust of wind or a spike of enthusiasm; a bold block of colour is there to grab your attention, induce a mood or hint at a certain location – perhaps land, sky or sea; lines of repetition act a meditative therapy, feelings of humdrum or an environmental implication – like the gush of a river, rows of flora or the outline of a clifftop.

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