Emma Howell

The Isles of Scilly


An original painting from the hike up harp hill collection.


The landscape is blissfully serene yet brutally harsh. Bright white beaches and turquoise oceans mix with dramatic granite rock formations and earthy green landscapes. It can be an incredibly peaceful, tropical and idyllic one moment, but then a storm hits and the wind picks up and you feel like the sea and the wind could eat the islands up.

At high tide a magical ocean jungle appears – bands of seaweed reach up towards the surface as though straining to see what is above, fish and snorkelers weave through the bands looking up to the light. At low tide they merge into an intertwined seaweed soup, it is so thick you would not be able to swim and it would drag you down.


Acrylic, soft pastel and pencil on paper, 5″ x 6″, 2021.

Unframed – If you would like this artwork fitted into a bespoke wooden frame (natural bare oak, dark stained oak, plain white or plain black), please specify on the checkout page or send me an email after your purchase.

An additional £30 for the frame + an extra shipping cost will be invoiced to you separately.


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