Emma Howell

It'll Be Alright

(2020) It’ll Be Alright. 

This vivid collection is here to expose spontaneous and emotive mental landscapes. It first took shape in our garden on 08/05/20, 47 days into the UK lockdown following on from the Coronavirus pandemic.

I’m not sure how my mind works exactly, but what I do know is that these pastel works needed to happen – and they will continue to happen. They’re moments of bliss, moments of self-expression, moments of solitude, moments of grandeur..

My partner, Jon, is also a creative – but his brain mechanics are very different to mine. He’s totally non-visual, not sure what kind of art he likes and has red-green colour blindness. In spite of this, he is a very talented musician who finds his creative synergy in the smooth rhythmic movements down a guitar neck. And as he has – so far – had to endure 47 days of artistic expression (aka mess) all over the kitchen and dining room, I’ve included him in this collection as the person who titles all of the pieces.

We both want you to know that in moments of fear, unfamiliarity and trepidation, it’ll be alright.

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