Emma Howell



An original painting from the 81 Wild collection.


The color depends on the month; in August, the corn fields are huge, tall, and a vibrant green. They sway in the breeze and grow so fast you can actually hear them growing if you are very quiet. We have the most beautiful clouds here. Bright, deep blue skies with extremely intricate and complex cloud formations. There are so many apples growing in the orchard by my house that you can smell apples on the breeze.

Two weeks ago I was driving to visit my parents and I saw a young couple on an open top carriage coming down the road. The Amish have strict rules about courtship, but these two were unsupervised. Probably about 16 or 17. He was driving, and even though cars were passing them on all sides, she only had eyes for him.


Acrylic, soft pastel and pencil on paper, 5″ x 6″, 2020.

Unframed – If you would like this artwork fitted into a bespoke wooden frame (natural bare oak, dark stained oak, plain white or plain black), please specify on the checkout page or send me an email after your purchase.

An additional £30 for the frame + an extra shipping cost will be invoiced to you separately.


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