Emma Howell

Jazz Music And Lavender


An original painting from the four year wild fire collection.

Acrylic and pencil on paper, 22″ x 30″, 2020.


“Dawn awoke on a quiet May morn.

Lavender, azure, a mist draped dawn.

Silence dances intimately with flowers and trees

While the star of the morning greets the wood.

The flowers that slept are gently awakened

To the motion of silence preparing for song.

Foxglove and Primrose have joined in motion

Bluebells and Snowdrops have intertwined in this dawn.

High cut, stamp, shuffle, hop, stamp, point, point, batter, hop back.”

“Now I sit in the park overlooking Seattle on a 75 degree day with a pint of beer in my Nalgene. The paint is still there. My dad is not. Its just me with my one purple toe nail and no dad. Should I go home? Is it safe to go home? Who knows it a pandemic!”

“Out of nowhere this big orange life belt is thrown to me, and when I pull myself in, my little girl’s face is there. And I breathe away the sadness, and inhale joy, and hope. Life is a privilege.”

“The drive up to bottom of Ben A’an was long, steep and winding. We met two friends and their Cavapoo. At 10am in the Scottish trossachs, the air was still and humid and the sky was grey.”

“Whether it’s a good day or a terrible day, there is nothing like coming home to the unconditional love and excitement of your dog.”


Unframed – Due to the size of this artwork, shipping costs are high and logistics are more complex if it were to be framed. Therefore, I’m hesitant to offer bespoke framing. If you’re UK-based or exceptionally keen for a frame, please enquire to discuss your options.


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