Emma Howell

A Very Curious Porcupine


An original painting from the four year wild fire collection.

Acrylic, oil and pencil on paper, 8″ x 10″, 2020.


A friend and I were backpacking in Banff. It was our first night on the trip and we had gotten a late start. While rushing to get to our campsite before dark, we somehow got off trail for an hour. The scenery was beautiful with peaked rocky mountains and frozen lakes, but it was difficult to enjoy due to our time crunch. After struggling through snow and some trail finding we finally made it to our site. We quickly set up our tiny yellow tent and set to getting everything else ready for bed. We then settled into our tent for the night surrounded by towering pines. In the middle of the night I was awoken by the sound of quills rubbing on the tent. I turned over and flipped on a flashlight. I was greeted face to face with a porcupine who had found his way under our rainfly. He was pressing his face onto the side of the tent like he was trying to see what we were doing in there. I tried quietly shooing him, but he stayed under our rainfly just pressing his face on our tent for several minutes before getting bored and heading on his way. I am sure we were quite the scene with a small tent in the mountains illuminated only by a single flashlight with two friends laughing and trying to shoo a very curious porcupine.”


Unframed – If you would like this artwork fitted into a bespoke wooden frame (natural bare oak, dark stained oak, plain white or plain black), please specify on the checkout page or send me an email after your purchase.

An additional £35 for the frame + an extra shipping cost will be invoiced to you separately.


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