Emma Howell

A Letter To Snow


An original painting from the four year wild fire collection.

Acrylic, soft pastel and pencil on paper, 18″ x 24″, 2020.


It’s been six years without you.

Six years of confusion, uncertainty, pain, loss. Anger, I guess. Although not so much directed at you. I’ve only been angry at you a handful of times in all these years you’ve been gone.

Foolishly, I never realised you were as significant in my life as you were. I thought you were someone I looked after. Someone I listened to and helped through life. I failed my job and now you’re gone I miss you like you took one of my body parts with you. I always thought I kept a wise, subconscious emotional distance from you. But I always let you know I cared about you whilst also letting you know I thought you were a total pain in the neck.”

A haze of grey, of competing deadlines, thoughts, things to do. Interspersed with moments of brilliance, of fun, of joy, of success. Things to look forward to amongst the mundane of everyday.

I’m driving on past the farmland area dotted with windmills. The sun behind me casts a glow so bright the sides of the white buildings are orange. There’s a rainbow disappearing into the tall corn field to the right. I keep driving and notice pink in the sky to my left.”

He’ll be back very shortly to telling hilariously embellished stories to anyone who’ll listen, playing shopping roulette on sketchy foreign clothing sites with suspiciously cheap products, and painting. I’m so grateful.


Unframed – If you would like this artwork fitted into a bespoke wooden frame (natural bare oak, dark stained oak, plain white or plain black), please specify on the checkout page or send me an email after your purchase.

An additional £60 for the frame + an extra shipping cost will be invoiced to you separately.


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