Emma Howell

50 Paintings In 50 Days: View the last collection of 2023, with a haiku for every artwork

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Emma Howell is a British Fine Artist
based in The Cotswolds, UK.


Building an Art Collection: It’s a Meditative Journey

I felt the need to write words today, so here’s what happened. Are you an art collector? Perhaps you aspire to be one.. or maybe you’ve never thought about it. Well, you’ve reached this post for a reason, so let’s take it as a sign. It’s time to expand your collection.. or start one. 😏✌🏼 more…

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Emma’s work aims to capture life’s rawness, to awaken the mind, tap into the past, evoke nostalgia, and elicit both riveting and mundane conversation. Her entire practice is dedicated to her Dad, whose loss taught her how to embrace the adventure that life can offer.

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Paintings from Sevilla (2023): a fresh collection of candid moments and vistas from our trip to Seville.

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For collaborations, exhibitions, artwork enquiries, commissions and questions, send Emma and her team an email.

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